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Fulfilling your duties in different stages of your life

When we are young, we spend all our time and energy on pursuing a career. Once we reach adulthood, we start working. We work for ourselves when we are younger, as we get older we tend to work to fulfill the needs of our children and family. When children grow up, their needs and wants changes too. Needs and wants get more advanced and requires more money and effort. We have to start working harder to give a beautiful to our kids. Our kids might have different goals about their future, it’s our duty to help them fulfill those goals.

As parents from birth until they reach the adulthood, it’s our duty to guide them and provide everything what’s required. We can advise them about their future, but ultimately, we should let them make decisions about their future. Once they reach high school and decide to study in a certain field. We should provide support in all the possible ways, so they can achieve their goals. Once they start working, we will be getting older and older.

After spending all our savings on our children, we will not have anything for ourselves. It’s important to invest in something like smsf, also known as self-managed super funds. This can help you save for your retirement, and it will be easier for you, to live a happy and peaceful life without depending on anyone financially.

 Once all our kids get married, they will most probably move to new houses to make new families. Maybe you and your partner will remain in the house at the end. It’s significant to be there for each other in such situations. Some parents don’t like to disturb their children in any way when they get older. After attaining a certain age you can’t go to work, you will be a pensioner. Every so often, the money you have won’t be enough for day to day activities and medical bills. As we get older, our medical bill keep getting bigger.

Parents sometimes wish that their children come to them and spend some time with them. Children get busier with their lives and their kids. As the technology has improved so much, it is better at least to get a call to your parents who are old and talk to them for few minutes. By doing this, you will know about their health condition, and you can help them in any case of emergency.

Just as parents took care of their kids without any conditions or restrictions, it is a duty of a child to take more care of their parents when they are old. They might not ask you for anything. In real, they might actually need some love or medical attention. It’s best to visit them at least once in a while, which can make them happy. Loving and respecting elderly parents is a good habit, and it should be preached to your children as well. Take some time to think about your old parents every day.

Carma Gatson
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