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4 Ways to Transform Your Kitchen

It’s well known that the design of your home can seriously impact your mood. The colors of the walls, textures of the tiles, the shape of the furniture plays such a huge role in the way you feel whenever you come back to your home. And we would argue that the most important place of the entire home is actually the kitchen. Why? Well depending on how you stock it, it is a place of nourishment, and provides you the sustenance to, well, live. So how can we design a kitchen that will inspire joy within your heart? read on to find out!

  1. Make it all about you!

Be sure that the kitchen you design is right for YOU. Meaning you have picked out the cabinets you like, and the cabinet handles you like. (Speaking of which if you’re in the market for some kitchen cabinet handles, stainless steel handles for kitchen cabinets has got you covered). Make sure that the tiling is exactly the type you want, that the utensils are handpicked, and that the décor is just right. If you need some help, speak to a kitchen expert about it, ain’t no shame in getting some help.

  • Declutter and Organize

Ok be honest, when was the last time you cleaned your fridge out? Was it within the last few months? Or have the veggies in the fresh basket begun to mutate? Don’t be gross, clean out your fridge! Its not only deeply therapeutic but seeing that empty fridge will make you want to stock up and by God that’s just the best feeling. Also, organizing your utensils is the best feeling and warrants a completely dedicated blog post, but let me attest to the fact that having a properly organized utensils drawer will make your life infinitely easier and won’t make it seem like a little hurricane blew through your kitchen. Because no offense, but I’m pretty sure that what your kitchen looks like. Am I wrong?

  • Add Botanicals!

We absolutely love botanicals, the tiny little succulents and the big ol’ flowy tropical boys, houseplants add so much to a room at such little cost. They are not only friendly and inviting but also air purifying, help with relaxation, and inspiration. We’re not kidding, they’re so pretty! Just remember that plants are not all the same, make sure you’re not allergic and that they’re not poisonous in some way because no one wants to have their cause of death be a houseplant. Get a houseplant, just do it.

  • Get comfy

You want to be comfy at all times, yes at all times, I’m ready to fight over this. And especially in the kitchen, get a big ol’ patterned rug and place it right at your cutting station and if you’re investing in a table and chairs make sure to splurge on some nice stylish and comfy seats. They of course need to go with the vibe of the entire house so use your noggin.

Well, that’s it! make sure that you love whatever you decide to buy and most importantly have fun!

Carma Gatson
the authorCarma Gatson