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Common Dental Emergencies and How to Deal with Them

Prevention is always the best way to maintain and preserve your natural teeth. However, no matter how much you take care of your teeth, dental emergencies can happen at any time – from knocked out tooth, tooth decay, and many more.

Knowing how to deal with those dental emergencies helps a lot in restoring your teeth and preventing more damage into it. Here are some of the most common dental emergencies and how to deal with them the right way.


Toothaches have different causes but it is never a good sign. There are some cases when toothaches are just manageable. However, for severe toothache accompanied by other issues such as swelling in the gums, you need to get it checked by a dentist to know the underlying cause of it and get treatment immediately.

Immediately book an appointment with your trusted dentist from The Dental Practice and have your toothache checked. In the meantime, manage the pain and discomfort by applying a cold compress on the cheek or take some OTC pain medications.

Broken or Chipped Tooth

A broken or chipped tooth can be really painful if the damage is severe. It could happen when you bit down on something that is too hard, hit your tooth, and other more reasons. When your broken tooth hurts, you could apply a cold compress on the affected area to help with the swelling and pain. If it is bleeding, rinse with warm water and place a gauze into the area to stop the bleeding. Seek urgent dental care after doing those first steps.


Dental abscess is a serious infection that needs to be treated immediately. When left untreated, it can spread into the surrounding teeth and gum tissues causing more damage and problems. You’ll know there’s an abscess when there is a swollen and painful spot in your gums. Seek emergency dental care immediately to get the right medications to deal with the infection. For relief from pain and swelling, rinse your mouth with saline solution and apply an ice pack to the affected area.

Knocked-Out Tooth

When your tooth got accidentally knocked out, you can still save and restore it when you know the right things to do. First, pick the knocked-out tooth by the crown and rinse it only when it’s dirty. If not, handle the tooth carefully and never touch or remove the attached tissue fragments at the root part.

Place it back into the tooth socket but avoid pushing it hard back. If it’s not possible, place the tooth in a cup with milk and take it to an emergency dental clinic for restoration. There is a high chance of restoring your tooth when you follow the steps correctly.

Dental emergencies can be daunting if you don’t know what to do. However, when you have the knowledge on what to do next, dealing with dental emergencies is not that scary at all plus you have more chances of restoring dental health.

Carma Gatson
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