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When to Paint a Commercial Building

Painting a commercial building can be quite a big undertaking because of the scale of the property. But when you are a property owner, you will be able to add value to the premises and make sure that proper maintenance is carried out to ensure that the visual appeal of the commercial building doesn’t deteriorate.

There are many reasons to carry out a paint job. One of the main reasons is the scheduling of painting. If there is a large gap between the last paint job and this one, the appearance of the building can be affected. There can be some fading and discolouration. Generally, you should repaint about 3 to 5 years from the last paint. But this will depend on the climate of your location as well. If you are in a high humid area that has high rainfall, this is something that can affect the quality of the paint and you may need to repaint more frequently. The climate and the amount of direct sunlight that the paint receives will determine how quickly it fades. If you are in a location that is much shaded by trees and other buildings, fading will occur slowly. The quality of the paint will have an effect on how fast it will fade as well. You can always ask the company that is carrying out the commercial painting Brisbane about what they recommend when it comes to different brands and types of paint.

It is best if you can take a photo of the building after it is painted to compare how much it has changed through the years. This will give you an accurate idea of whether the paint has faded considerably from its original appearance. Wall paint is not just something that will make a building visually appealing. It will provide a measure of protection to the building as well. It will act as a buffer between the building and the weather outside and it will ensure that moisture is kept away from the structure. Proper painting will protect the building from UV light, mould and high temperature changes.

You need to carry out a visual inspection of the exterior of the building to see whether there are definite signs of disrepair. This will bring down the value of the commercial building as well. If there is rot and peeling paint, you will need to repaint again. Sometimes, cleaning will help to get rid of the faded appearance of the paint job and it will remove the layer of dust on the exterior of the building. You can use pressure washing to make sure that the exterior is kept clean. But when your cleaning efforts don’t make much change in the appearance, then it is time to start painting again. In addition to maintenance reasons, the colour of the building can signify the values and the branding of the company especially if one company is residing within the building. And if the company requires rebranding, you can change the colour of the building as well to fit the new branding guidelines.

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