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What Are the Differences Between Regular and Biodegradable Toilet Paper?

If you find yourself trying to figure out if there are really differences between regular toilet paper and a biodegradable one or it’s just a marketing ploy to jack up the prices, you are not alone.

Read below to find out the notable differences between the two and why you should opt for the biodegradable one.

Biodegradable dissolves quickly

For those who often call the services and expertise of a plumber because they always have problems with their plumbing, the few dollars that you will need to splurge on biodegradable toilet paper is worth it. Sure, all toilet papers are biodegradable but biodegradable toilet papers are different since they dissolve four times more quickly than other toilet paper and are naturally septic safe. Biodegradable toilet paper also uses a lot less water than its counterparts. Still a sceptic? Well, you can try biodegradable toilet paper if it’s really worth the price.

Biodegradable is sustainable

Biodegradable toilet paper is also made out from sustainable sources. Traditional toiletpaper is made from virgin trees and is a blend of 30% softwood and 70% hardwood. Whereas biodegradable toilet paper is more environmentally friendly. Examples of such are sugar cane, bamboo, hemp and kenaf. These plants are the answer to deforestation of other trees for the manufacture of toilet paper.

Biodegradable uses less chemicals

Biodegradable toilet paper is not only considered a “greener” option because of the above-mentioned reasons but also because they use less chemicals when being made. Biodegradable toilet paper does not contain any additives such as chlorine or dyes, perfumes and inks. This toilet paper also comes in less plastic for packaging. Truly by transitioning to biodegradable tissue, the environment will get further advantages.

Biodegradable is not bleached

Some toilet paper is bleached to make it look whiter and also to soften it. The primarybleaching agent that is used to whiten and soften toilet paper is categorized as dangerous and carcinogenic. This chemical can cause damage to the immunological and reproductive systems of humans and is the main reason for the extinction of some bird species.

Although the usage of this chemical has already been discontinued, there are still some brands of toilet paper that emit chlorine gas into the air and water. So, be extra careful when shopping for toilet paper and not just consider a brand because of its softness or price.

Biodegradable is compostable

All toilet paper is compostable. However, biodegradable is easily compostable because they dissolve quickly. If the toilet paper is thicker, extra soft and are quilted, they will take longer time to degrade. Traditional toilet paper also needs extra care when being decomposed since they may contain dangerous chemicals and should not be added to compost used for gardening.

Knowing the main differences between biodegradable and traditional toilet paper could easily help you make the choice to switch to biodegradable even if it is significantly pricier. We should all do our part to minimize the negative impact of our everyday choices on the environment and opt instead for greener alternatives starting with toilet paper.

Carma Gatson
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