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Tips for Maintaining Amazing Hair

Having great hair is one of the things that we fret over the day in and day out. We tend to use various products, showering frequencies, and, after-shower practices to really make it shine as much as possible. And for good reason! Hair is one of the first things that anyone notices and trust us, having beautiful, voluminous flowing hair is extremely important when it comes to meeting a guy or girl. So, what can we do to really boost our chances of having great hair at any given time and looking plush and wonderful? Let’s get right into it.

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So, the first helpful little tip would be to wash your hair! We can’t believe how many people we see regularly that look like they’ve just dumped a whole bucket of grease on their hair. Wash your Hair! It’s important because it removes the excess sebum (an oil that is produced by the scalp to protect the hair) from your hair. Excess sebum leaves your hair looking limp, lifeless, and heavy and can attract all the dust and dirt in the world, leaving your scalp looking and smelling an absolute mess. Of course, the frequency of washing will depend on you and your scalp. If your scalp is drier than the Sahara, keep the washing limited to maybe a couple of times a week, and if your scalp is greasy like a frying pan, go ahead and wash it every other day. Another change that you can make to see a real change in your hair is to use chemical-free products. By going all-natural, you’re minimizing the number of irritants that come into contact with your scalp. When protecting your hair from harm, there is only so much that you can do about the external environment, but it would be a crying shame if we consistently chose to irritate our scalps with overly chemicalized products. Another step that you can take is to dry your hair the natural way. Sure, it’s so very tempting to blow dry your hair, because it leaves the hair voluminous and fresh but there is a risk that you might overheat the scalp and cause damage to the hair itself. A better option than frequent hair drying, is simply towel drying and air drying regularly, and leaving the blow dryer in the cabinet to be used only for special occasions when you’d really like to have your hair pop. Another idea for you is to contemplate how the food you eat might be affecting your hair growth. Hair is made up primarily of a protein called keratin, and to facilitate this growth you need to eat a good amount of protein and hydrate as frequently as possible.

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