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Selecting Table Centrepieces in Proportion to the Size of Your Wedding Venue

There is a lot of planning that goes into a wedding and décor vendors spend a lot of time giving attention to detail so that every element at the venue are perfect. The table centrepieces are the focal points for the guest tables and this can help you set the tone and theme for the wedding.

You have to first understand the size of the venue

When deciding the appropriate proportions of the centrepieces. You can check out Ivory Heart wedding flowers to get an idea of the artificial flowers you can use for this. Think about the theme or setting of the venue. This can be a rustic barn, a garden setting, a grand ballroom etc. The dimensions of the venue will have a large impact on your design choices so you have to make sure that décor elements such as centrepieces are provided at a scale that adds to the balance of the atmosphere. Check the size of the tables that will be available on the wedding day. You have to check the shape as well. If you have large round tables, you can use grand centrepieces there. But if the tables are small and rectangular, you can look for more compact arrangements. The table dimensions will be the first thing you consider when it comes to matching the proportions of the centrepieces.

Consider the aesthetic of the venue and how this affects the style of the centrepieces.

If your wedding is set in a minimal and modern venue, you can choose understated centrepieces. But if you are having the wedding in an intimate garden setting, you can create more elaborate arrangements as this will complement the aesthetic of blooms and foliage around you. You need to make sure there is a unified design for the centrepieces. The ceiling height has to be considered. If you have a tall centrepiece, there is a sense of grandness this provides but this can be done in venues where there is a high ceiling. If you have a lower ceiling to work with, it is best to go with lower profile centrepieces so that the visual flow of the space is balanced. If you have high centrepieces in a low ceilinged venue, the space can look cramped.

You can also mix low

And high centrepieces in a high ceilinged space so that there is more visual interest. When choosing the height for the centrepiece, make sure that the guests seated at the table are able to carry out a conversation with everyone comfortably. There has to be a visual balance when it comes to choosing a centrepiece. In open spaces, you can choose larger centrepieces that will help fill the space. But for intimate settings, a small compact arrangement will be more appropriate. This way, it will not overwhelm the space. You can create focal points using the centrepieces. For example, in a venue where there are interesting architectural elements, you can place the more eye-catching centrepieces close to these elements to draw attention here. This will help guide the gaze of the guests.

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