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Riders! Protect the legs of horses, as it often functions on your command.

Horse riding is sometimes a sport too. During sports events, horses supposed to run as fast as they can. Horse riding isnot restricted to a certain area or certain type of land. Riders should pay special attention to avoid the trauma caused to horses. As long as the horse is healthy and comfortable, it will be a good ride. Taking care of horses are an essential part in horse riding.

Horses bare the weight of the saddle, the rider and its body weight by its legs. Most of the trauma can be caused to the legs and tendons of the horses during riding. Protecting the legs of a horse should be the top priority.

When considering protecting the legs of horses, it is using of horse boots or bandages. It is special equipment used to protect lower legs and tendons from physical trauma. Trauma can be caused by improper position of the horse or by riding on harsh lands. These also absorbs shock when the horse runs. Sporting riders should always use boots while running as horses are moving at a maximum speed, and it is a high risk for injury. Usual riders will also need boots when there are scabs in horse’s fetlocks or regular walking on harsh lands.

Horse tendon boots Australia which can be ideal boots for horses. There are different materials and different types of horse boots.

Factors to consider when selecting the right boots for your horse

Types – Bell boots: these boots surrounds the hoof and prevents injury to heel and surrounding area. It prevents from severe injury caused by overreaching. Bell boots made of neoprene is better because it provides insulation and prevents rub friction. It is also easy to use and clean. Boots with Kevlar patch would be good as they are super tough and absorb shock.

Hind boots: protects and covers the cannon, tendon, and fetlocks. It is important to get boots made of perforated neoprene to control heat around the legs, and it can also be cleaned easily. It is good to get one with 360⁰ shock absorbable and a secure Velcro closure.

Tendon boots: these boots used in protecting tendons of horses when landing after a jump. Also prevents brushing injuries. It covers a greater area, so provide protection for a greater area. Perforated neoprene preferred to balance the heat built up in legs of horses.

Polo wraps: used mainly in young horses or horses which are under training. Wraps made of polar fleece is good for the horses. And wraps which are easy to clean is a good option.

Others: High-rise knee boots; composed of materials of shockproof and ultimate protection. Also prevents the pastern from cuts and abrasion. Best when the outer layer made of ballistic nylon. Easily washable.

Air technology knee boots; made of air technology fibers which will let the air circulate within the boots, avoiding heat trapped inside. It is more comfortable for the horses. It is also made of shock absorbable material.

Riders have to select the best type of boots according to the area which they ride and according to their horse’s requirements.

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