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Proper Maintenance of Your Signs and Signage

Maintenance of commercial signs must be included in your brand management strategy. Why? A well-maintained sign shows your clients and possible customers that you are responsible, capable, meticulous, professional and dependable.

These are the qualities we want a business to have because it means they will treat us well. If you happen to pass by a store or a commercial establishment with a decrepit sign, you will think that the store closed down or if it is still open, it’s not a business you would want to visit. Regular upkeep shows clients you safeguard your assets and that you are also capable to safeguard theirs.

Now that you know how important proper maintenance of sigs and signage is, you must develop a maintenance strategy to keep your business signage functional and pleasing. Read the guide below on sign maintenance.

Proper care of exterior signs

Maintenance of exterior signs could be exhausting but may be less draining if done regularly to avoid the build-up of dust, dirt and grime. Allotting a day to clean it is necessary and assigning two or more staff to do it could cut the time needed to clean your exterior signs. Due to always being exposed to elements, your exterior signs would need more care than your interior signs.

They are also more important than interior signs because they are the graphic representation of your business beckoning customers to come in. Maintaining them and keeping them looking their best is necessary. If you do not have any staff that you could spare to clean your exterior signs, you could hire professionals to do it for you.

Not only would they make sure your signs are free from any grime or debris, they could also reduce maintenance spend through efficiencies and innovation. They will ensure your signs are protected in the wake of torrential downpours, strong gusts of wind, ice storms and other harsh weather conditions.

Proper care of interior signs

Caring for your interior signs should start with finding a desirable spot that is out of the path of direct sunlight to prevent fading, warping, and discoloration. Of course, this might not be applicable to some since placing an interior sign near glass doors or windows is more beneficial for prospective clients walking outside to see.

If this is the case, curtains or blinds could be used to filter the light when the sunlight hits the spot. There are also sun-filtering window coverings available that lessen the transmission of sunlight that contributes to the deterioration of your interior signs. Interior signs still require proper cleaning and thorough checking since there are still circumstances that could damage them such as splatters and spills from staining liquids.

Signage is a good investment and to make it work for you, you must properly care for it. Maintain the beautiful appearance of your signage by periodically checking them for wear and tear and immediately remedying any issues. Lack of upkeep would result to a decaying signage and having a signage in ruins is bad for your company.

Carma Gatson
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