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Insects: Why Are They Important?

Insects come in various shapes, colours and sizes. There are about more than two hundred million insects for one person and that is fascinating, isn’t it? Because they are small in size and may sometimes cause harm to us, we may consider them as either weak or useless or sometimes even annoying and bad.

But that is hardly the case. In fact, only about one percent of insects are considered to cause harmInsects are considered to be of extreme importance to humans! Yes, that is right. Insects are apparently very important for humans, and we shall see why that is the case.

Main part of the food web

Food web is something we may have all heard about and insects have a major role to play in these food webs. They form the base of the food webs by acting as food for birds, reptiles, mammals and even amphibians. This help to conserve the biodiversity. Not only that, some insects feed on other harmful insects, resulting in keeping the harmful insects in check.

Helps in pollination and dispersion

One thing we are all aware of is that insects help in pollination. Pollination helps plants to grow fruits which would ultimately result in the growth of a new plant sine they also aid in the dispersal of seeds of fruits which would give rise to a new plant. This way insects help us humans in two ways.

One is by helping us to have delicious fruits and the other is by helping to conserve the biodiversity. Apparently, ants help to disperse seeds of eleven thousand plant varieties. This way we would not have to completely depend only on the dispersal of seeds by wind. Insects may disperse seeds over a large distance which is another advantage it may have over wind dispersion.

Cleaning up waste materials

Did you know that insects help to clean up our waste as well? It is quite fascinating, isn’t it? They actually clean up dead plant and animal materials, dung and make sure that they return to the soil as nutrients. Without them we may be surrounded by a lot of waste around us and would certainly not be very pleasant.

If you own a garden and would love to have fruits or would love to convert your bridgeable waste into something useful, you may consider buying insects. You may do this by visiting a shop or even online. If you plan to buy insects online Australia will have a lot of options.

Insects and their products

Insects may produce certain things which may be immensely beneficial to the humankind. For example, silk which is produced by the silkworm is used extensively in the production of cloth and fibres, bee honey produced by bees is something that is present in every household and a favourite of many individuals, not just due to its taste but also because of the numerous health benefits it can offer.

Even antibiotics which are largely used in the medical industry uses certain chemicals produced by ants. Not just that insects may continue to do wonders by inspiring the modern drone technology. Apparently, the role model for this invention has been the dragon fly. All of these facts point out how important insects are which is why we need to protect them.

Carma Gatson
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