How to Prepare for an Independent Medical Examination Assessment

An independent medical examination is very important to consider the position of an employee when it comes to a workers’ compensation claim or personal injury. Here, independent qualified medical specialists will evaluate the individual to understand the impact of the injury or their illness.

An independent medical assessment will generally be arranged by the employers, insurers or legal representatives so that the extent of the injury or illness sustained by the individual can be understood. An impartial expert opinion is given after thus assessment. If you are an employee that has sustained an injury in the workplace, you need to understand the importance of this assessment. You have to familiarise yourself with the independent medical examination process. You can search for more information on this and check out some of the frequently asked questions. This will give you an idea of what you can expect during the examination. By having a good understanding of the procedures and the logistics, you will be in a better position to have a smoother experience. This can also give you some peace of mind so that you can better prepare for the assessment.

You need to compile any

And all relevant medical records that are associated with the illness or the injury that is assessed in the procedure. There can be medications, treatment plans and diagnostic reports that you can add to this. To make it easier for people to understand the timeline, you can organise the documents chronologically. This will help people understand your medical history and the impact of the workplace on your health. The examining specialist will go through this document. You will be required to provide a detailed medical history during the assessment and this will include when your symptoms first started, whether you have obtained treatments or medications for this. You will also be asked whether you have experienced any changes in the condition. You need to go through this history again and try to remember everything so that you can provide a comprehensive picture to the medical specialist.

You also need to document

How the illness or the injury has affected your daily activities. You can create a document going through your daily routine and the challenges that you are facing now because of the injury. Make sure to describe any modifications you have made to your routine in order to accommodate the injury. This will give the specialist some insight into how the condition has affected your practical life. There will be specific questions asked from you regarding the illness or injury so you need to be prepared to provide this. You have to provide an account of the symptoms that you have experienced along with the circumstances related to the incident. You need to be clear when giving information and maintain accuracy at all times. You can also consult with your treating physical before you have the assessment so that they can give you an idea of what you can expect. They will be able to address any concerns you have and how you can effectively convey the limitations you have faced and your symptoms during the assessment.

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