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How to differentiate different types of hip pain

The pain can be a most common complaint among many of the people. In ancient days, hip pain was only common in old people, but these days people of different age groups have hip pain for different reasons.  Hip pain sometimes can be due to joint pains all muscle pain. In other cases, it also can include some serious problem with of the body.

Locating the pain can be helpful in diagnosing the type of the problem which causing the hip pain. The issue with hip joints can cause pain inside the hip and in the pubic area. Pain in the outer hip or upper thigh can indicate issues with muscle, ligaments and tendons.  Like these, different areas can denote different types of issues. Sometime hip pain can be a normal process, but every so often it can need immediate medical attention. It’s good to consult professionals to get help regarding this. You can also read the acl blog to know more information about the type of the pain you have.

Hip joint undergo various types of movement so it can easily wear off as we use it always. Hip joints play a major role in producing movement. It’s a ball and socket joint with providing wide range of movements. It also has a space filled with fluid, which is known as synovial fluid. This makes movement easy, decreasing friction.

Causes of hip pain:

Arthritis or osteoarthritis: this can be the most common causes which causes hip pain. This is the problems with the joints and the bones forming the hip joint. This can be common in older people. This is inflammation of the joint, and it can cause damage to the joint cavity and cause severe pain. In patients with arthritis, the pain gradually gets worse with time and limitation of movements can be seen.

Fractures: this can be a reason which cause hip pain. With age and due to different nutritional deficiencies, bones can become brittle and weak. This can cause fractures in bones, even due to slight trauma or compression. Underweight people, people who lack physical activity, who has history of osteoporosis can be at high risk of hip fractures. When you have a hip fracture, it can be very painful, and you won’t be able to walk. The skin around the fracture may swell and become red. When these signs are noticed, it’s an indication to go to the doctor.

Bursitis: there is fluid present in the cavities of joints to make movement easy and reduce the rub friction. Bursitis, the inflammation of the fluid present in the cavity of the join. There can be different reasons causing bursitis. The reason can be overwork or inflammation, which can irritate the hip joint. This can be very painful and walking will be impossible.

These are the most common causes of hip pain in people. Here are basic signs how you can differentiate the different types of diseases. But it’s important to consult a doctor and get treated rather than self diagnosing.

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