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How to Choose a Ticketless Parking Solution

Ticketless parking offers a great solution when it comes to optimising parking facilities. But there are many ticketless parking solutions on the market and you need to consider several factors in order to decide which is best for your facility.

Chances are that you will already be operating a parking facility with existing infrastructure and parking management systems. So you need to look for a solution that is able to seamlessly integrate to what you have currently such as hardware, payment terminals, surveillance cameras, entrances and exits. Look for the level of compatibility offered by the ticketless parking solution when it comes to commonly used software in parking management. You can visit site of different suppliers for ticketless parking solutions to get an idea of the different features provided. A common technology used in ticketless parking is license plate recognition technology. But not every parking solution will have the same accuracy in this technology. So you need to select a system that has a high rate of accuracy and reliability.

Ask the supplier

Whether the technology is able to read license plate information even in low light conditions. Also, the system should be able to read different formats for license plates. This will ensure a smooth process when vehicles are entering and exiting the facility. This is a great way to reduce the stress of users and improve customer satisfaction. You need to consider the user-friendliness of the interface when it comes to users and parking operators. The interface should be easy to use and have an intuitive format so that a smooth process can be facilitated. The interface on payment terminals should be simple and clear in its instructions so that the users can easily use it. You can also look into mobile apps that are integrated into the parking solution. But these apps should also be user-friendly so that anybody is able to pay their parking fee without trouble.

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With the system capture a lot of personal information of the users, you need to ensure security of this data. Check whether the parking solution meets security protocols in industry standards. Some of the methods used to protect sensitive information are secure storage solutions, encrypting user data and having secure protocols for transmission. There should also be a backup for information in case of issues. This will help the continuation of your business. Consider the scalability of the parking solution. You may expand your parking facility in the future and you need to make sure that the system is able to grow with you. Ask the supplier about the flexibility of the system even with increasing volumes of vehicles coming into the facility. And the system should be able to accommodate this growth without affecting performance. You can check the customisation options for the parking solution and whether you can have it accommodate your parking facility requirements. It is also to your advantage if the parking solution comes with analytics and reporting capabilities as this gives you an opportunity to gain insight into valuable data to make informed decisions.

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