How to Choose a Puppy Obedience Training Service

When you welcome a puppy into your home, you have a responsibility to make sure that they behave well. Many of us don’t have the experience to train puppies but there are puppy obedience training services that can help reach your training goals. 

When selecting a service for puppy obedience training Brisbane you need to consider whether the trainers are up to the task. You have to check their experience and qualifications. When you visit the official website of the training centre, you can learn more information about the certifications carried by the facility and the trainers when it comes to dog training and behaviour. Make sure to check the formal education and training of the instructors. When you select a skilled trainer, they will have a good understanding of different training methods and canine psychology. They will be able to tailor their training approach  based on the individual dog. You can ask about the experience of the trainer especially when it comes to puppies and the specific breed of the puppy. There are unique challenges when working with puppies so it is important that the trainer has specific experience in dealing with their behaviours.

Ask about the training methods used by the trainers and their training philosophies.

Some trainers use positive reinforcement where they will praise the puppy to encourage good behaviour and give treats. There are also balanced approaches where correction techniques are used. You should have a good understanding of the methods used by the trainer. You can then decide whether these methods align with your preferences. You can also research about puppy training and find methods that are tried and tested. There are science backed approaches that are recommended for puppy training and you can read more on this before assessing the training approach taken. A widely recommended approach is positive reinforcement as the puppies will have a positive association with learning and this will also help contribute to a relationship of trust between you and the puppy. You can also check whether the facility provides group classes or private training sessions. The benefit of group classes is that your puppy will have many opportunities to socialise with other puppies. They will also be exposed to different distractions and environments.

With private sessions,

Your puppy will have more personalised attention and if there are specific behavioural issues, these can be addressed during the sessions. There are also training services where a combination of these will be provided so that you can benefit from both approached. When shortlisting training services, make sure to consider the environment of the facility. You can visit the facility to check whether it is maintained properly and if their training spaces are clean and equipped properly. There should not be any hazards in this area and the facility should have a positive atmosphere that can contribute to a successful training experience. Ask about the socialisation opportunities provided at the facility. This will allow your puppy to be well-adjusted so that they can be comfortable in diverse situations.

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