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How important sex can be in our lives

All organisms have few basic needs. These needs are necessary for these organisms to maintain their lives. When these basic needs are not met, there can be different disturbances in life of these organisms. The most important basic needs are oxygen, water, food, and reproduction. These are all equally essential for a healthy organism. Regardless of the size of the organism, these basic needs have to be fulfilled to maintain life. There are unicellular organisms and multicellular organisms. Unicellular organisms are bacteria, virus, fungi and so on. Today, let us see how essential sex can be and why it is a basic need.

Sex or reproduction is a significant need in every organism. In humans, it’s called as sex and in animals it’s called as mating or breeding most commonly. The main goal of this can be to experience the happiness of having sex and to maintain the continuity of life. Humans mainly have sex to experience the happiness in it. This is also known as an orgasm. It’s good to have such orgasms in life once in a while, as it can be a basic need in every human. With age the functions of our bodies’ change, after attaining a certain age different hormones in the body gets activated and sex becomes an essential need like food and water. People who don’t have partners buy sex toys so that they can get an orgasm to fulfill their needs.

Sex can be beneficial to humans in many ways. It can reduce mental stress to some extent and improve wellbeing of mental health. Having a good mental health is vital to everyone nowadays. As the technology has advanced, the time we spend with each other has become very least. We work hard all day to earn money to achieve our goals and give a beautiful life to our loved ones. Work can be so stressful every so often. Increased amount of stress can lead to depression. Depression is a mental disorder in which the mood, activity and will power of a person reduces. These patients will not find happiness in anything they do. Depression should be diagnosed and treated properly. It is the number one cause for suicide in the modern world. Sex can be a good stress reliever occasionally.

This can also improve your health as different types of hormones comes into play during sex. This is able to increase the adrenaline in the body and also boost the mood. This also improves the libido and boosts the immune system. Some people have different types of mental disorders and other health disorders regarding decreased libido, the best, and most effective treatment is to have sex typically to increase the libido and overcome this disorder. It may help reduce prostate cancer in males, as males grow older their prostate glands start to multiply without a control and this can lead to prostate cancer.

Some benefits of regular sex are mentioned above. Fulfilling the basic needs of every organism is vital. Without being met the basic needs, life can be very difficult.

Carma Gatson
the authorCarma Gatson