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Funny Gift Ideas for the Holidays

When holidays come around, one of the things that you have to start doing is collecting gifts for everyone. This can be a daunting task especially if you have a long list to fulfil. And coming up with gift ideas can be exhausting. One thing you can consider when giving a gift is making the recipient laugh. This can be a very successful gift.

When giving a gag gifts or any type of inappropriate gifts, you have to consider the audience and the recipient. It is generally best to give gag gifts to those that you know very well personally. If you are giving a gift like this in a professional setting, it is best to choose someone you know well and can guarantee their reaction. You should have an idea of their sense of humour when choosing a funny gift. And in addition to the recipient, you have to consider the setting in which you are giving the gift. There will be other people around and they will also see the gift if it is unwrapped then and there. So only select a gag gift for the workplace if you have a casual environment. There can be people who can get offended. You will have to consider this when you are giving gifts to family members and presents as well. You should be aware of how the gift will be received.

Now that you understand when to give a gag gift, we can now look at several gift ideas that you can consider. There are also homemade gag gifts you can try out if you have some time on your hands. If you can bake, you can bake a few holiday cookies and wrap it with saran wrap after placing them on a clean dustpan. You can gift them to your neighbours as dropped cookies. You can send a note informing them that the five minute rule has not been violated so you have graciously thought to share the goodies. You can also gift batteries only with a note attached that the gift is not included. This is playing on the idea that battery operated gifts usually come without batteries.

You can also label several medicine bottles as magic pills and fill them with candy. Make sure that this is a gift for adults only. There are also so many types of coffee mugs with funny sayings that you can buy online. There are custom sayings that you can have printed as well. Mugs come in different shapes and you can even purchase a mug that is shaped like a toilet if you are giving it so someone who drinks tea or coffee. There are also printed zombie masks that you can use as a stocking stuffer. You can find different types of prints for this. When looking for stocking stuffers for men, a switchblade comb where the comb resembles a switchblade is also a great idea. There is candy that you can buy which tastes different from what they look like. For example, some will have fish or chicken flavour which the recipient will not expect.

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