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Different Types of Footwear

They say that shoes are the first thing that a stranger looks at when approached. Whether that’s true or not, we can all agree that shoes are an integral part of an outfit.Whether it serves a specific purpose such as when hiking(to keep your feet dry and provide plenty of support) or it is simply a fashion statement (such as when wearing shoes with very bold colorways).

The shoes you wear is one of those things that can absolutely make or break your outfit. Regardless of how much you spend on it. If it doesn’t speak to the rest of your outfit, it will look out of place and ruin the overall fit. One modification that you can make to the shoe that doesn’t change the aesthetic of the shoe but provides great comfort is to change the inner sole of the shoe. By changing the inner sole, you can not only add an inch or two to your height, but you can also make the shoe a lot more comfortable for you to use. If you’re looking for a great inner sole look no further than shoe inner sole, they’ve got some absolutely killer inner soles which are guaranteed to leave you feeling comfortable and confident.

There are many types of shoes out there and we will be discussing a few of the most popular ones. The first up and probably one of the most popular on this list is the athletic shoe. These are used for running, jumping, etc. They are also known as sneakers and in order to give the best athletic edge possible, come equipped with a rubber sole. Generally, there are different kinds of athletic shoes for different shoes. For example, running shoes are generally lightweight, and have additional padding on the soles in order to cushion the wearer from excessive force. Tennis shoes worn by tennis players are usually very flexible and durable to cope with the immense strain that playing tennis can place on a shoe. Weightlifting shoes on the other hand, come with an elevated heel to make it easier for the lifter to lift more weight faster. (They are heavier than tennis or running shoes and can withstand hundreds of kilos of force without deforming)

Oxford shoes are also very commonly worn shoes. They are classic dress shoes that have laces, a low heel, and a more pointed toe. They are usually made of dark brown or black leather and are used in all manner of formal social functions. Highly praised for their timelessness and worn commonly to this day, Oxford shoes come in many variations such as the cap toe oxford and the derby shoe.

Another commonly found type of footwear is the boot. Usually, when we hear of boots, we think of cowboy boots and for good reason. They are sturdy, durable, and make a comeback in fashion. Used for the longest time by cowboys working out on the field, they come in all kinds of shapes and colors, and remain very popular in the southern part of the USA.

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