Cleaning Tips for Adult Toys

Pleasure and intimacy can be enhanced with the use of adult toys. But you need to make sure that you are maintaining these toys properly to ensure safety and hygiene. This will also improve longevity of the product.

You have to read

The manufacturer’s instructions to get a clear idea of how best to clean the toy. For example, the way you clean glass sex toys Australia will be different from how you clean materials like  rubber or silicone. There may also be different cleaning products that are recommended to be used with the material in order to ensure the integrity and quality of the toy. You have to clean the toy before using and then afterwards so that any bacteria, lubricants or bodily fluids can be removed. Gentle antibacterial soap can be used with warm water so that the surface of the toy can be cleaned thoroughly. You have to pay more attention to textured areas, crevices and ridges of the toy where bacteria and dirt can accumulate. You have to rinse the toy properly and have it air dry. You should only store the toy after it is completely dry.

It is important to choose

The right cleaning products so that the safety of the toy is maintained. You have to stay away from abrasive cleaners, harsh chemicals and alcohol based solutions so that it doesn’t damage the surface of the toy. The use of cleaners such as this can also irritate sensitive skin. There are specially formulated adult toy cleaners that you can use. Otherwise, you can use gentle antimicrobial soap that can be used safely with the material of the toy. It is important to disinfect the toys from time to time so that any lingering bacteria can be eliminated. The material of the toy will determine how you disinfect it. You can use a solution of water and mild bleach or boil the toy in water for a short time. There are also specialised wipes and sprays for adult toys. You need to rinse and dry the toy properly after disinfection so that no chemicals are left on the surface. Consider the compatibility of the material with the cleaning method.

It is generally easier to clean non-porous materials like glass,

Silicone and stainless steel and they can be disinfected easily as well. But when you have an adult toy that is made from porous materials like rubber, it can be a little difficult to sanitise it thoroughly. When using porous materials, you can use toy covers or condoms to make the cleaning routine easier. You should store the adult toys properly as well. Once the toys are clean and dry, you can keep them in a clean and dry place where they will not be exposed to direct sunlight or moisture. Make sure that the storage area is not subjected to extreme temperatures. You also should not be storing the toys together or have them be in contact with other materials as this can lead to discolouration or contamination.

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