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Choosing The Best Shears for Your Sheep

Whether you own one or two or hundreds, you know how important and necessary it is for your flock of sheep to be sheared. You could get it professionally done or you could do it yourself. For you to be successful in doing it manually, the first thing you need to secure is a sharp but still safe to use shears. When you look for shears to do the job, make sure that you are purchasing one that is designed for sheep wool because the blades must be sturdy enough to cut through thick fleece.

The list below enumerates the characteristics an effective shears should have.

Varying speed

One of the features your shears must have is that it should have varying speed function since there are times when you would just “tidy up” your sheep’s wool instead of shaving or shearing it all. When you are just tidying up your flock, you would not need the full power of the shears. But when you are shearing, you would need maximum capacity. Having said that, make sure that the shears also have air vents to prevent overheating, especially if you have thousands of sheep you need to shear.

Good accessory kit

Another characteristic a good shears have is a good accessory kit. The kit may or may not have a spare blade, cleaning brushes to remove any unwanted wool from the blade and the motors, and lubricating oil. These are the essentials, but there are shears available in the market that are offering more accessories.

When you try to purchase sheep shearers online, make sure that these essentials are included in the accessory kit. If the price is a deal breaker for you, it could be because there are numerous accessories included. If you would not have any need or use for some of the accessories, chose another model or brand that is more affordable but still includes the basic accessory essentials.

Weightless machine

If you have hundreds or more sheep and you would do the shearing by yourself, it is recommended that you purchase a weightless shear. There are shears that are heavier compared to others and it could cause fatigue or cramping. If you are buying online, don’t forget to check the weight of the shears or if you are buying in person, try it and give it a sense and imagine how the shears would feel if you are on your hundredth sheep.


Some sheep could grow their wool thicker than others and if this is the case for you, invest in one that is durable and would be able to withstand the brunt of shearing chunky and bulky wool. Durability is non-negotiable and it is better that you invest in a good quality one than buy cheap which would need replacement only after a few uses. In the long run, you’d realized that you still manage to save in buying an expensive one at the onset than buying second-rate every time it gets broken.

If you are not used to shearing sheep, consider this factor too since there are models or brands that would be easier to use by beginners than others.

Carma Gatson
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