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Basics to Learn as a Beginner to Guitar

Learning to play guitar can be very rewarding and if this is something you are interested in, it is important that you learn the basics first so that you have a good foundation. In this article, we will go through some of the basics that every beginner should learn about.

Make sure

To look for experienced and repute instructors when selecting guitar lessons for beginners. You need to have the correct technique and posture when you play as this will enhance your playing. Many beginners tend to experience discomfort when they don’t learn the right posture and there are also potential injuries to be considered as well. You need to sit up straight and make sure that your back is firmly against the chair. Then you need to position the guitar properly.  This will vary depending on your dominant hand. If you are right handed, you can position the properly on your right leg and vice versa. You have to make sure that the neck of the properly is at a comfortable angle so that you can reach the frets easily. The guitar should be held closely to the body without leaning or slouching. You need to have a relaxed posture.             


By learning how to hold the guitar properly,

You can develop a comfortable position to play. If you are learning to play an acoustic guitar, you can rest the guitar body against the torso and make sure it is secured in place with your forearm. The arm you strum with should be able to move freely on the guitar. If you are learning an electric guitar, you can follow the same method. But you can use a strap to position the guitar at a comfortable height so that you can reach the frets easily. In beginner guitar lessons, you will be taught about proper hand placement as well. This will allow you to play cleanly and precisely. You need to make sure that your fingers are arched on the fretting hand. Only the fingertips should be pressing down on the strings. When holding the guitar, you can have your thumb on the back of the guitar neck to control it better. Your picking hand should have a relaxed wrist.

You will be taught basic chords in the beginning

And these form the basis of many songs. Some of the chords you will learn are C, G and D Majors. You have to practice these basic chords consistently so that your finger strength improves along with coordination. With practice, you will have more familiarity with the fretboard. You will also be introduced to bar chords where you will need to press multiple strings across the fretboard. The F Major Bar chord is a fundamental chord that you will learn. It can be challenging to learn bar chords but they will allow you to play in different keys. When learning guitar, you need to be consistent in practicing. This is what helps build your muscle memory and coordination. With sufficient practice, you will be able to transition smoothly between different chords.

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