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Advantages of a Portable Ultrasound Machine

There are many benefits that a portable ultrasound machine provides health care workers. Because you don’t have to use the large bulky machines anymore, patient satisfaction and convenience are increased. If you are an expecting mother, you don’t need to go to a dedicated ultrasound centre and many gynaecologists will have portable ultrasound machines in their clinic.

There are smart phone ultrasound machines that allow for more flexibility especially in highly compact areas and emergency situations. These provide health care professionals with an edge when it comes to accurate diagnoses and it is very easy to move these devices within a clinic or hospital so that patients don’t need to wait for very long. The number of patients in hospitals has increased especially due to the pandemic and it can be incredibly hard for hospital staff to keep up with this increase. There is a lot of space that the traditional ultrasound machines take up and when you have a portable ultrasound machine for the department, there is no need for patients to wait in queues to get imaging. The healthcare professionals can take the portable device to the patient and be sure of the diagnosis that they can come to from the results of the imaging. The diagnoses of patients will not be affected by lack of medical equipment anymore as this will allow for an in-depth examination of the patient. They are also a lot faster than the traditional machine.

The health care professional is able to carry out a transparent diagnosis so that they can clearly explain to the patient why they are sick and how they can help them. The patient will be able to see the imaging as well which will show the condition of their organ whether it is a heart, uterus etc. and this makes for a more transparent process. The patient is more likely to follow the advice of the doctor as they can see for themselves the severity of their condition and it helps them understand their diagnosis a lot better as well. There is a cost involved in the use of medical equipment. The bulky traditional ultrasound machines that you have seen are quite expensive and they are not available at every facility. With a higher number of patients, there is a higher demand for these machines. And because of the high cost of these machines, the medical bill of the patient will be increased as well. But portable ultrasound machines are more affordable and they can help reduce diagnosis costs. This will contribute to more affordable treatment for patients.

In critical environments like emergency rooms and operating rooms, you need to have immediate diagnoses. It can take time to move patients to a room with a traditional ultrasound and this will endanger the patient as well because it slows down treatment. There are not many resources when it comes to emergency care so a portable ultrasound machine will be indispensable in such a situation. The health care professionals will be able to make a quick diagnosis without the hassle of waiting for equipment to become available or scans to be loaded.


Carma Gatson
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