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3 Tips for Styling Your Bell-Bottoms

At the dawn of the new-year we all knew that fresh trends will be emerging like they do every single year. One such trend that has rarely gone out of fashion from the 80s are the infamous bell-bottom jeans. These particular styles of jeans have now evolved into fitting into various areas of pants, including the beloved legging sector, which is a must-have item in any true female’s closet.

The pure functionality of the bell-bottom is reason it remains relevant in the current fashion market and it is consistently a trend that may never die. Here are some tips to help you level up your style game when you decide on wearing bell-bottoms:

1.      It is All About those Shoes

When the pants are flared out into a bell-bottom shape, the eyes are naturally drawn to the flared area. This means your shoes must perfectly align with the rest of your outfit and bring it all together in order to complete the look. Keep the shoes tall and chunky at all times!

According to the season you are in, you could change up your style of shoe. For instance, during the summer season you could opt for the classic wedges to match the summery vibes around. On the other hand, during autumn you could go for deep brown or neutral boots to authentically embrace the season you are in.

2.      Keep it Cropped

By cropped here I mean your top! There is nothing cuter than a crop top and bell-bottom jeans paired with a white crossover handbag and shoes to match, it will be an outfit that could turn heads in the best way possible.

Moreover, cropped sweaters with bell-bottoms jeans seems to be somewhat of a Hollywood staple in 2023. Similarly, Bohemian Street style is fully focused in styling up your cropped sweater with some bell-bottoms. If you want to have a more relaxed feel and look, you could browse a range of patterns for bellbottom leggings and hit the streets.

3.      Go All White

Usually going with an all-white outfit could pose as a high fashion risk. But we all know fashion would simply not be fashion if you do not take risks. You won’t be flushed out by the light white hues when you know how to style your full white attire.

For example, pair up your ivory bell-bottom jeans with a graphic tee or a white tank top and style it with bold accessories such as a red scarf on your neck, a brown belt, rose gold hoops, dessert shades with soil-coloured shoes and a sandy handbag to match.

This look will make you stand out in a positive way and keep you ready for the summertime! The colder months could include adding in a denim jacket or a black leather jacket paired up with equally dark shades and black boots to tie your whole winter look together.

Purchase bell-bottom pants in 2023, it will not be a decision you will regret.

Carma Gatson
the authorCarma Gatson